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The Most Amazing Museums in Prague

National technical museum

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Museum of communism

Presents and introduces communism from 1948 till the Velvet revolution in 1989 with an immersive look at life behind the Iron Curtain.

Kampa museum of modern design

Museum Kampa provides the general public access to the art collections of modern design and art and for fun and education you will have an opportunity to visit its workshop.

Ai??koda factory and museum in MladA? Boleslav

Excursion to the Skoda car factory ai??i?? production facilities and the Skoda museum with a local guide, where you can see a range of types of cars and engines more that 100 years old.

Chrustenice mine museum

The Chrustenice is a standing exhibition of iron mining. The mine entry, machine room for the 1st tugging pit and the 8th floor have been preserved until the present day. Hundreds metres of accessible tunnels offer many unique exhibits reminding the famous era of mining in the region. The mine museum is growing all the time.

The Mayrau mining outdoor museum

The mining outdoor museum of Mayrau is located at Vinarice near Kladno, in the premises of the Mayrau mine, which was terminated in 1997. The whole complex of the Mayrau mine is enlisted as a architectural and technical monument with a large exposition captures the operation of the mine as if miners left only yesterday. There is an abundance of valuable historic machines, aids and equipment, video-projection or underground exposition, which includes presentation of a fully mechanized coal face.. Its extensive archive of documents and photographs related to coal mining in the Kladno region serves for the public as well as experts and students. The mine gradually reached as deep as 527 metres. During its existence 34 million tons of coal was excavated out of it. Lovers of vintage technology will be in for a treat.