The Best Czech Glass Factories


Ruckl Factory

The RA?ckl Factory in Nizbor produces Czech crystal known formerly as Bohemian Crystal. Part of the factory is open to visitors, where the guides describe the process of crystal production. In the factory grounds there is also a shop where you can buy crystal for reasonable price. More info here.

Glass factory in NovA? Bor

The presentation of traditions of the manufacture has been preserved until now under the trade mark ai???Egermann and shows a magnificent ability of the Czech glassmakers.

Nenacovice Glass Factory

Glasstar, a family glass factory in Nenacovice, manufactures some 200 types of small-scale products of coloured glass. The product range includes items of manually blown and drawn glass (small animals, fruit, flowers) as well as vases, bowls, candlesticks, bells, ashtrays and many others. The factory runs 7 days a week and there is a shop with its products on the site. If you are lucky and the master has some time to spare, you may be able to try this art yourselves.