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Dear friends,

We are very pleased that our travel agency can offer its services. To facilitate our mutual cooperation we dare to summarize some practical information on the preparation and during the trip.

The trip

The first step is the preparation and approval of the trip. You can choose either from our standard menu or you can communicate your ideas and we will prepare a trip “to peace.” The conditions and the trip always adjust to fully comply with your wishes and requirements.

Tour Dates

The term tour , you can choose according to your needs, however, it is necessary to take into account the availability of accommodation or other services (guided tours , excursions , etc.). Based on your desired dates will be verified and provide all necessary services and dates will be confirmed . If your chosen date will not be possible for some reason , we will try , in agreement with you to select another term or modify the program tour.

Travel contract

Once you confirm the date of the tour program , and you verify the interest among students and teachers, a travel contract between a school and our company will be created. Then a pre-filled contract will be sent to you and we ask you for its confirmation and sending it back to our address or email. One confirmed copy will be sent to you back.


In most cases take the form of deposit and balance due . The amount and term deposits we set in the travel contract by mutual agreement. Surcharge is normally due 30 days prior to the trip or by mutual agreement. Perhaps even a single payment.

Distribution of participants for accommodation

Depending on the type of accommodation – whether it will be two, three or multiple rooms – you ask for the distribution of participants in the rooms. You should identify the participants if any of them do suffer from any allergies or diet such as vegetarian or not . Please indicate that fact either the list or on the distribution of participants for accommodation. It will allow us to such participant to choose an appropriate diet.

Place of departure

A bus will be prepared by your school or at another agreed place.

If you have any further questions please contact us . We discuss everything with you in more detail.

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