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PETRA TRAVEL s.r.o. is an incoming travel agency providing a varied range of tours and activities for travel agencies,companies, schools, sport and music groups as well as for individuals in Prague and the Czech republic.

Our company was established in 2009 but we have more than 10 years of experience in organisation of tours and trips.
Since the beginning of our activity we focused on providing trips mostly for schools and for other groups.
We guarantee all our clients an individual approach. We always try to meet your needs and to prepare for your trip according to your wishes.
Most of our services are guided tours to the Czech Republic but we can also provide multi-day themed trips, tickets to various theater and other cultural events or just provide transport service.
We encourage you to contact us and we will be pleased to introduce our services.
We look forward to possible cooperation.
Team of Petra Travel


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To prepare for you the most enjoyable and exciting trip, so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Czech Republic and Prague without any worries.

Let you see the cultural life of Prague: you can evaluate yourself the famous Czech proverb ai???every Czech is a musicianai??? at one of the beautiful music or opera performances.

Let you feel the nature: you will smell the fragrance of nature on one of the outdoor trips, it may be rafting, diverse walks in nature of Bohemian Region, cycling or camping at one of the many czech lakes.

Let you connect with the history: a visit to the castle or to a chateau takes you to another century and you can fully immerse yourselves in the stories of thousands years old history.





Visit also all province and comuni from Italia and visit Italy, Rome and the Coliseum as a tourist after visiting this amazing country that is Prague!