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Who loves a combination of nature and culture, should definitely consider a trip to the Czech Republic. In the northeast of the Czech Republic, a hundred kilometers from the capital Prague, there are beautiful natural areas like the Bohemian Paradise and the Giant Mountains. Coniferous forests, mountain lakes, green meadows, ravines and mountains provide a varied landscape. Between all this overwhelming natural beauty you will find castles, quaint villages with wooden houses and beautiful cities like Karlovy Vary or Cesky Krumlov.

The beauty of Prague and it’s surroundings is something amazing. You can easily enjoy Czech Republic and it’s beautiful places, attractions, night life, food, drinks and people!

The mission of the travel agency, Petra Travel, is to let visitors that come to Prague to feel like home.

You can enjoy everything. From cultural trips, to clubbing at night, to magical adventures through the Prague’s old streets, or see our special arrangements to check what else especial you can do with us!


The Travel Agency Petra Travel was established in 2009. Our experience as well as the passion for tourism and the travel business, drives us to meet all our customers needs and expectations. We want our clients to enjoy their trip in Czech Republic and Prague, be confortable with their travelling abroad, and have fun all the time. That’s why we say “Join us, and live your dreams abroad!”.


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